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Travel Plovdiv – Suitable bars for drinking alone 

Night life is tied not only with establishments that work all night long, but also with authentic bars, which offer excellent ambience. Along this line of thinking, each visitor of Plovdiv has the opportunity to choose whether to attend bigger parties for organized groups or to go to a bar with a smaller company. Both options are guaranteed to provide a different type of experience, and here we will try and find out how to discern a great bar, where one can have a few drinks alone.

The opportunity that a single tourist has for getting a feel of the Plovdiv ambience must not be underestimated at the expense of big parties. If a tourist decides to have a couple of cocktails in a certain bar, which best suits their taste, they would be guaranteed a really good experience.

It may sound a bit strange, but many of the bar stools that are close to the bartender are often free. People prefer to get together in small or bigger groups, sitting at tables where their communication is better, instead of having a lonesome conversation with the bartender, while they are washing the glasses, for example. Spotting the available bar stools is the first thing that will help you understand that you have entered the right bar for drinking alone.

A distinctive feature of a bar, suitable for drinking alone, is that it neither is brand new, spotlessly clean, and shiny, nor has strong neon lights. This is a place of authentic bar culture, which has been developing for years. The music is very suitable, the ambience, the other people’s faces, and their good mood are also important factors for having a good time. Plovdiv is full of such places, so you can visit a new place every day. This way you can find your favorite bar, which you will always visit every time you come back to the city – see

You will not see people taking selfies and bragging where they “ended up” in the right bar for having a few drinks alone. On the contrary, everything in the people’s behavior will demonstrate the pleasure from the ambience inside. There you will have the opportunity to have a few drinks at the bar, to find the right company, and to listen to some nice music, without it being too loud. Another tip for enjoying a couple of drinks is to avoid places where the music from inside the bar can be heard loudly from the outside.

Just enter the bar, make yourself comfortable, switch your phone off (this is, after all, the time you need to dedicate to yourself), order your favorite drink, and have a few chats with the bartender, without going too far. This is the way to have an excellent time in Plovdiv, even when you are visiting on your own.