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The 33 findings of Mrs G. on their RV road trip to the French Atlantic coast

3 weeks, 2 large people, 1 small person, 1 to big motor home, some subjective and objective findings of thunderstorms Mrs. G. through France, the campers and the campers existence in general.

#1. France is large.

# 2. So is the mobile home.

# 3. 4500 km 3 weeks in Europe is by no means crazy outsider’s view. 6000 kilometers in 6 weeks in Australia or USA already.

# 4. We set out to much. (As always.)

# 5. France does not tilt, even when moving the entire population in July and August to the left and bottom right.

# 6. Donkey wear plaid or striped trousers on the Ile de Ré. (Insect repellent).

# 7. My excavated best high school French is not enough to get what I want at the bar. Then I just order wine, water, beer.

#8th. It is not a cliché. The Hipster Frenchwoman weighs 45 kilos wearing Dutt, red lipstick and smoking cigarettes Slimline.

# 9. It is going well without light in a warm summer night on Ré and three glasses of wine downed Bordeaux.

# 10. I can not stand campsites and the outrageously expensive, full of French entertainment program.

# 11. I like RV sites behind the sand dunes (Thanks ADAC … I had no idea!)

# 12. Camping Camper can shave almost the same brush. Not a Pitch-camper.

# 13. Pitch Camper are an extremely funny, mixed crowd. I feel good.

# 14. Vegetarians have laughed good at French coast.

# 15. Obviously the French holiday have nothing to do with their children. Kids all-round entertainment program in all situations. Admittedly, it is already practical.

# 16. With your own mobile home meaty part mutating inevitably philistine. Take off your shoes, now!

# 17. Cleaning and cooking also make traveling no fun.

France is a European destination filled with rich culture and unforgettable France travel opportunities.