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The 33 findings of Mrs G. on their RV road trip to the French Atlantic coast

# 18. Clear roles with us campers: Women cook and feudelt. Man tinker, “maintenance” and flush the toilet.

# 19. The Atlantic skin in the truest sense of the socks and spills out the salt water by monster wave over the nostrils up to the brain and from the ears back out.

# 20th I’m going to learn to surf on!

# 21. Oysters are definitely among the staple foods of the French.

# 22nd And you do it but constantly: on strike. Even the Oystercatcher.

# 23. There are actually plenty of Basque caps including Basque beret support in the Basque Country.

# 24. A Pelota game looks like a church wall without a church.

# 25th Market is always and everywhere but never after noon. Flea markets and late risers (like us) to watch the degradation or resort to night markets.

# 26. Barefoot jogging on the beach may be good for the ankles, but makes thick bubbles.

# 27th I have concrete proof. Baguettes and petit pain au chocolat need not to chew and digest. They can directly stick to the hips. Point 23 is not enough to hand something to set.

# 28. Churros are hot in France Chi Chi. My name is Eva and I am addicted.

# 29. Life is beautiful, traveling is nice.

# 30. There are no campers are here with me.

# 31. Somewhere in my heart I’m a camper.

# 32nd France is still great and the home is not fun.

# 33rd Children’s Audio Stories bridge the worst boredom symptoms in adults. I recommend Munkeltrog, the smallest giant in the world.


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